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Hey ShanMan - how 'bout a parts list for spreader?

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I test fitted my export brace last night and found I need to spread my
shock towers a bit. I'd like to make a spreader bar like yours, and I
was hoping you could save me (and any other VMFer who wants to
make one) some legwork and give us a list of the parts (and especially
part numbers) that you ordered from McMaster-Carr to make yours.

So how about it? You still have the invoices for your parts order, right?

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After you get the parts (about $60), cut the all-thread into two equal pieces. Machine (aka grind) off about 1.50" worth of thread on one piece. Insert the threadless end into the turbuckle body. Weld it in place ( I welded both the inside and outside). On the other piece of all thread, weld on the coupling nut fairly close to the end to maximize the travel. Slap on the leveling feet (lock-tite recommended) and your ready to go. BTW: I soaked the feet in acetone for a day to remove the double stick tape. I then glued the feet back on using gel style super glue. I covered the ENTIRE surface with glue. Let the glue cure over night. Worked really well for me. Good luck!

1) qty=1, 2995T321 Turnbuckle body
2) qty=1, 90034A038 1"-8 zinc plated all-thread (2' length)
3) qty=2, 6103K88 Swivel leveling mount (w/ nonskid pad)
4) qty=1, 90264A262 1"-8 zinc plated coupling nut

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OutSTANDing. I can't wait to get started. Thanks!

McMaster-Carr's phone number is 732-329-3200

'67 C-code 'vert (Dees67)
'69 GT FB (project car)
Milford, NH
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