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Hi, my name’s Scotty and I’m addicted to Mustangs

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It has been about 10 years since I have turned a wrench in anger. Thanks for all the help, tips, suggestions, scoldings and other help on here, I finally went out and pulled the cover off the 65. I even crawled under the rear, well I had to because the trunk was locked and I didn’t see the little slot to turn to unlock it at first. A few things, the Mopar guys who did my bodywork and paint did more than I thought. I knew they put new seals on my rear end and welded in my subs, but I seen new brake lines and hoses under there as well. Time to take stock of what I have and what I need. Snuggle Bunny and I will inventory the stack of boxes I have from NPD and find out how much of the original stuff I have in other boxes. Time to get moving. This will still probably be slow, but I’m feeling it. Thanks for the support, and even for the good natured shaming.


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That's how I did mine, with one exception. I put a small aluminum washer on each side.
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