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Hi-PO for sale

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Hey Guys,

I received an email Orlando Mustang has a Hi PO engine for sale dated 4G
Looks OEM from their pics ...asking $9.5K
Description: Used original 1965 Ford Mustang 289K Hi-Po Engine. Included items are Ford C5AE-6015-E Block, Heads with matching dates (4G9), Front Balancer, Cookie Cutter, Crank and Main Caps. More photos available.
Fits year(s): 1965-1967
Models: Ford Mustang
Engine: 289K Hi-Po
Ford Part # C5AE-6015-E
Date Code: (4G9) on both heads
Block Date: (4G17)
Condition: Used
Tested: NO
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The motor appears to be for sale on Ebay.

eBay item number:225322691198
Listed as sold currently. 4G, 1964 July. Very early if it was for a Mustang.
IIRC @megansmustang had/has one of these July HiPo hidden away. I thought about asking about numbers, but besides being shy, my paychecks said "dream on"
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Came across someone selling Hi-po manifolds. I'd love a set. But that's some expensive cast iron.

Aren't those still available as reproductions? I have them on my car and they really don't flow any better than the logs. They just look better!
Yes, they are currently reproduced, but sometimes repro just isnt the same as having the real deal.
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