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Hidden Radio Antenna???????

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I have been searching and searching for one of these. If you know where I can find a Hidden Radio Antenna, please, tell me! The only one I have found is 80.00, and I think that is a bit steep........ any body else got any ideas?
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Look here: Custom Autosound $29.95 for their "Hide Away" antenna.

I've found that some 92- 6 Lumina APV/Silhouette/Transport vans have an antenna that is a big flat sheet of copper plated mylar hidden under the headliner. They are way too big for a Mustang but you can trim one with any scissors. They have a standard plug in which will need an extender cable to reach your stereo. I had terrible radio reception in my tin-roof garage and threw one up in the rafters and rigged a connection to my bookshelf stereo. I now get amazingly good reception.
If you like the idea, hit the junkyards. The junkies will think you're nutty and won't charge much for one. They likely will have no idea what you're talking about. Look for APV's that DON"T have an antenna on the right fender. The hidden antenna was an option on these things. All you do is yank the headliner down and peel the antenna off the roof.
Look in Rodder Magazines.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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