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hidden vin on 65 mustangs

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Anybody out there knows exactly where my vin numbers are on my 65 mustang other than the door and front left apron? I have tried to email two people who talk about them being stamped on the sub frame rail and under the front fenders. I have not gotten a response in the past three days. I am kind of in a hurry to get started on my project car and I need that vin. I have a 66 door on this car with a 66 title. I need that vin number for this 65. If I have to cut something out so be it. I need to do it now before I weld this car shut once and for all.
Thanks for your help!
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On the passenger side top of the aprons under the fender. Both panels.
The red box is where your vin is stamped.
The two blue boxes are the "hidden" vins. Loosen the fenders and pull them back a couple inches to see the hidden stampings.

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I have a 66 door on this car with a 66 title.

<hr></blockquote>Not sure exactly what you're after here. The title should match the car, not the door!!! If you have a 65 car, your should have the matching 65 title..........
Have you ever seen them stamped on the frame rails?
Coincidentally, someone posted a similar question over at and the response can be read here . I think you'll find some additional information that would be most helpful.
Wow - stamped inside the rear frame rail - no wonder I've never seen one!!! /forums/images/icons/laugh.gif Learn something new every day!
Thanks for your help everybody. The search is on.
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