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hmmmmmm (non mustang)

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My truck is giving me fits. I had a problem getting it started and I posted on that. well, I got it running, but it runs real weird. With the vac. adv hooked up it runs real nice. W/O it it just runs. When I remove the vac. adv and set the timing at about 6deg BTDC it idles at a steady 500 rpm and stalls if you try to give it alittle gas to bring the idle up. W/ the vac adv it idles smoothly at 750-800 RPM and overall runs real nice. I checked the timing w/ the vac. hooked up and it was at 22 deg BTDC! Funny thin is there's never any hint of spark knock. I can run it at 600 rpm in top gear and it runs great, no pinging at all. Any ideas as to what's going on here?

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