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holes in my vert top

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On my 65 vert, I noticed 2 spots that are begining to rip, one on each side maybe just over the rear window crank but on the exterior of the top. I would guess that the way it is folding down into the well is what's causing it. Any suggestions on how to prevent more damage before it gets too bad. The top is in relatively good condition.

BTW, thanks for all the suggestions on forgetting SWMBO's b-day.

Bob the dufus
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I've got a small pin hole over the passenger side on my top, and I was just asking my nieghbor last night about repairing it. He has had his convertible for many years and have tried a lot of things. One thing he mentioned was using a bicycle patch, or some sort of a silicone sealant. It needs to be flexable. I haven't tried either yet, so don't know how or if either will work.
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