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3/4 through my rebuild and have some parts stacking up that I need to convert back to dollars.....

$500 Holley 750cfm 4150 double pumper. Just rebuilt and upgraded. Included:
-Quick Fuel Billet Throttle Body QFT-12-750QFT
-Quick Fuel Billet Metering Blocks 34-105QFT
-Summit -8an Dual Feed SUM-220131
-Auto gage mechanical fuel pressure gauge
-Tuning Parts!
1. Holley Jet Kit
2. 5 different high flow Quick Fuel power valves
3. 2 sets squirters
4. Air Bleeds: 30,33,36,39,64,67,70,73,76,79
5. Holley Accelerator Cam Kit
IMG_9805.JPG IMG_9804.JPG IMG_9807.JPG IMG_9813.JPG IMG_9816.JPG IMG_9818.JPG IMG_9820.JPG

$235 New in Box MSD 8598 Billet Distributor (steel gear)


$30 Cloyes Timing Set clo-9-3738
+/- 6 degree Advance/Retard

$65 Edelbrock Performer RPM 7121 Intake Manifold-SBF 302/289,5.0
-sure it needs to be cleaned but so what, its a great deal
-includes water neck, water heater fitting

$40 ARP 354-2103 Intake Bolt Stud Kit (new in package)

$60 Crane Digital Distributor 1000-1600 (compatible with MSD, FAST, Crane boxes)
-has box compatible output, and switched +12V
-Vacuum and regular advance curves are digitally set
-Steel gear for hydraulic roller cams
-100% working when I pulled it.
-Instructions Attached

$25 Standard starter, working fine....



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