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Home from CF II

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What a great get together! Nice to see the pictures already going up. I enjoyed meeting everyone and hope that next year we can add to the numbers.

The car & I made it home OK in this heat...not much worse for wear except I could REALLY use some massage therapy! (and a new brake light switch).
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Jeff, great to have met you. That black car is VERY nice (and CLEAN). Gotta get some pics up of it!

You definitely DO have to watch that Midlife character, especially when the Yukon Jack starts flowing! /forums/images/icons/shocked.gif At least he got some Ice Cream last night, even if he DID think there was something perversely sexual about the DQ girl mixing his Blizzard!!! /forums/images/icons/shocked.gif He must have muzzled the sheep this year - they were quite a bit quieter (or maybe exhausted?).
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