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Hood Clearance Q

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On a '66, will a 351W with the new TCP motor mounts, a RPM Air Gap intake and Holley carb (with 2" airfilter) have any hood clearance?

Any guesses??
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No guess, but if you get a can of playdough and roll it into three balls, you can then put a ball on the front, middle and rear of your air cleaner and then slowly! close the hood. You will then be able to tell exactly how much clearance you have.

Well, I have heard people having problems with the air gap.... but Im not sure with the TCP mounts.......
The air gap intake shouldn't sit any higher than an RPM model...

the TCP mounts should replace the stock ones with the same dimensions...I don't think they would change the angle or height of the engine...that spells p r o b l e m s.

The only consideration here is the added deck height of the 351W.

If you can stick a 289/302 with a Edelbrock RPM high rise and a 3" air cleaner assembly under a stock hood...I don't think there will be problems...just add in the extra deck heigth and close the hood REAL slow...

Fastlane Ford
"If you can stick a 289/302 with a Edelbrock RPM high rise and a 3" air cleaner assembly under a stock hood..."

There's no way I can run a 3" air cleaner on my 289 with Edelbrock RPM manifold. A 2" air cleaner gives me about 1/8th inch clearance to the bottom of the hood. I have stock motor mounts and no spacer between the carb (Edelbrock 1406) and the manifold.
I have a 351c with an Excelerator one inch spacer holley carb adn 1.5 inch air cleaner....and it touches the hood

of course I have a hole were it would touch so it is not a problem right now
Here is my cars set up ....

66 Stang
289 - 66 and up engine mounts, 65 mounts are slightly lower
Edelbrock RPM
Edelbrock 1406
Edelbrock Elite Series Air Cleaner - 3 inch
Stock Hood

Closes every time....

Are you using the 5/8" drop base Air Cleaner that is meant for that application? I think it is a 1441(a)??

Fastlane Ford
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I forgot to add that I am using the 3/8" phenolic spacer as well...

Fastlane Ford
Simple answer - The same set up did NOT fit on a69fcode
I wasn't going to butt in but I think I come closest here. I have a 289 with a rpm airgap, one inch spacer, edelbrock 600 and a 2 inch air cleaner. I can push down on the hood with it closed and feel my air cleaner I would say maybe 1/4 not quite 1/2 inch clearance. Its tight to say the least. I would say if you can go with out the one inch spacer you might make it. I was sweating the whole way till I shut the hood. It doesn't look like it should fit. lol Good Luck, Latman
I broke out my edelbrock wish book to get measurements. The airgap RPM for the 351 is A 5.31 B 6.19 and the RPM is at A 4.30 B 5.30 So the air gap is about 1 inch taller than the rpm. The RPM air gap for a 351 as compared to a 289 RPM air gap the 351 is also about one inch taller. With this being said I say theres no way it will fit. Sorry you can go too and they will show you how to measure this and tell you measurements. Thanks Latman
I have a 351 in my 67 with an RPM airgap, a holley 650 DP, and a 2 inch K&N filter and it does not fit under my hood, the filter sits almost completely above my hood. I ended up cutting a hole in my hood and putting on a slighty modified scoop from a Fox-body Capri. Soon it will be functional ram air.
Yeah I was aware of the specs on Edelbrocks site....but I forgot this was a 351 --duh! My fault...that 351 is an inch taller by itself! ha ha

oh well - nothing better than the facts right?


Fastlane Ford
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