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could someone tell me how to tell the difference in a 64.5 hood and a 65-66//i know its something to do with the front lip.i may have gotten to 64.5's with my 65 fstback//i dont care// know someone looking for 64.5//i be able to help this guy//thanks
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the 64.5 hood has about 1/4 inch extensions on the curved part of hood at the front where it goes over the headlight bucket. Hope I explained it right.

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The very first Mustang hoods in '64 did not have an 1/4" lip extension on the angled section over the headlight bucket. They were like the regular '65 hood, but there were no dimples stamped in the leading section of the hood about 3" back from the edge.

Then somebody must have noticed the gap between the bucket and the hood, because sometime in April or May, the popular '64 hood came into production with the 1/4" lip extension to meet the bucket.

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