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Trying to get my horn to work and discovered the source of part of my problem--had the wrong size spring in the steering wheel. Now one side works although pretty wimpy. The other side is making a connection and is trying it's little heart out to make a big sound but just not making one.

When I hooked them up together I blew a fuse so I gave up temporarily.

What's the fix for a stuck horn mechanaism? Can these just be replaced?

Thanks. I need this cause I love honking at things.

J. Boggs

I have discovered sometimes you have to loosen the steering column bracket under dash and move column up slightly-(there is a slot that it rides in on bracket)to get the horn working or to get it to stop working all the time-had it up too far in my 67 at first.

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You're talking about the actual horns, right? I fixed up a Bay Mustang Club member a couple of weeks ago, and it took me some time to figure it out. Take out the horn, and adjust the screw on the back. Try several settings. If you are lucky, the horn relay inside the horn will begin to blow loudly, and you'll be all right. Do one horn at a time. When I worked on his, each horn would work fine if the other was disconnected, but I only got both to work with the screw adjustment. Also, check the paint on the frame where the horn attaches: that is the grounding point!

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