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Horn Rebuild - Scott302

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I can not find the info in Mustang Times on the Horn Rebuild Kit vendor. The original article was in May-2000. I was only able to check Oct-2000, Feb- and Mar-2001...the other issues I don't have anymore (goes with having a 2 year old, I guess). Any chance you can post the vendor - there seemed to be a couple people interested in the info.

Also, the May article said the kit was of "lesser" quality as the gaskets were thin and there were no extra "practice" rivets. The author suggested getting two kits. Do you or NPD have any leads on a higher quality kit?

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You just missed it!!
September 2000 issue. Listed were two vendors (you'll love the second one!)

Zip Products
Machanicsville, VA
Part #M2393

Long Island Corvette Supply
Copiague, NY
Part #62C

I haven't contacted either to see the actual kit yet. If anyone does I would like to know how they worked out.
I have contacted manufacturers to see what it would take to repro the whole horn. The cost was staggering!

National Parts Depot
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The second one doesn't really surprise me that much... Someone I know has a late 60's Chevelle, and the Horn(s) were identical to Mustang ones other than possibly the mounting bracket, and the Delco-Remy cast onto the housing.

Actually BOTH are Corvette supply houses!
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