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Horrible. At least you are uninjured.

I was once rearended, not as badly as you, by a 17-year-old, so stupid comes in all ages. I was sitting at a traffic light, a long one, and somehow he failed to notice the long line of cars waiting at the light. I specified the car would be fixed at Glazier's, and he would pay without whining. He paid. Your guy should, too.

You'll need quarters, rear rails (rear part and arch), springs, outer (and maybe inner) wheelhouse, gas tank, rear crossmember, taillight panel, and decklid. I didn't need the left quarter or rails, or the decklid, but otherwise very similar.

Use new parts. It'll actually cost less than used parts. Removal and prep of parts = cha-ching. Oddly, most of the time I see used parts, they are going onto high-dollar show cars.

Keep us up to date.
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