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hot!!!!!!!!!!!! ENGINE.anyone

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can some one HELP!!!.i have rebuilt 3-302 engines.when i have finished with them and started them up for break in
they all ran very very hot (not warm)i am talking boiling
hot just after 5 to 10 minutes arter start up during the timing adjustment phase.
is this normal for all 302 engines? or i doing something wrong.after about 3 hours of run time at 10 minute intervals
the engine runns cool.i put new thermostates in the and even
make sure that i installed the head gasket right.
THANKS ted email to [email protected]
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Any freshly rebuilt engine will run hotter than normal due to the tigher clearances at least until it is broken in. Extended stationary running while breaking in a new cam and setting timing, carb, valve lash, etc will also contribute to the problem.

I usually setup a big shop fan to blow into the front of the radiator to help keep the heat down. all depends on how much the block has been bored.....
.030 even .040 are fine.....for a std 302 block....

rebuilt engines will run hotter than normal due to large amounts of friction.....and tighter tolerances.....

make sure your timing is ok as well as mixture on the carb or EFI

too advanced or too lean will cause a glowing engine.....(Im not kidding)

be careful during break in

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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