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Hot Rod Air fan

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After running hotter than usual since summer arrived, I had to go back to my old 7-blade Flexlite mech fan. Before switching fans, I did all the preliminary checks and didn't find anything wrong with my thermostat, lower hose, timing, and water flow thru the radiator; although I did find some amount of rust debris. I cleaned and flushed it out. That only left the elec fan. Although its advertised at 2700 cfm, I'm somewhat skeptical of that.
I installed the mech fan and started it up, and immediately could feel the difference in air flow through the radiator. Took it on the freeway, and where I used to run 210-215 degrees, I now run at 175-180, without a shroud. Even at stop lights, it didn't get over 180. But I did stop by by local Mustang shop and picked up the HP 31/2 inch shroud; bolts right on to stock radiator setup with the spacers(sold separately).
BTW, I have the 1 1/2", 2 row, Griffin radiator.
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I'm running a Hot Rod Air fan/shroud unit right now. My car was wanting to overheat on the hwy, but that has been solved by replacing the clogged radiator.

It does sound like a blower when it kicks in....

I've considered going back to the mechanical fan, for fear of having the HRA unit go out on my when I finally decide to go on a road trip in the mustang (CF 3.0?) but have not (yet). Dickson

On the freeway, you shouldn't need a fan at all. If you do, I suspect that its the radiator, not the fan thats at fault.

Think about it, I doubt that your fan (mechanical or electric) is really putting out a 55 MPH flow.

On my commuter car, the fan stays off at highway speeds, but kicks in in town.
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