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hot rod help?

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i just got a 66 mustang(restored), i have a straight 6 and i want to fix it up and hot rod it but i don't have a clue what to do. i was looking into the clifford performance products and saw the theory of the 6=8. STAGE I: 2000 to 4500 RPM range
Stock street engine with 25% more rear wheel horse-power over stock by adding the following equipment:

headers with single exhaust system
2 or 4 barrel intake manifold (water heated preferred for street usage)

could this be helpful?
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I had a maverick with a 200 6 which is the same motor that was in the mustang. I desperately wanted to hot rod that car. All I could ever afford was a set of split header duals and some chrome reverse rims with baby moon hub caps. It was my college car. Most everybody thought it was a V8 because of how it ran. The intake would have required the head to be machined so I never got up the money for it.

One of the wickedest cars I ever saw run was a Chevy 2 with a straight 6(235). It would pull the front wheels 2 feet off the ground. It would haul butt and various other parts of your anatomy. He street raced it in Dallas against all challengers and was seldom beat by anything out there. Of course that car had a modified head, solid lifters, he ran slicks on the street, had 5.14 gears and all manner of other work done. He ran a 3 speed manual with a floor shifter and a fairly big flywheel.

I would say to go to a solid cam and do the whole 9 yards with the head and high compression and make it into a haul asser but then I am a certified drag nut and would drag race my lawn mower if its all I had. How far you go with it is totally up to you.
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John goes by the handle of Fordinliner here and I've found him to be very competent with the nuances of inline performance and he's been with us for a long time, extending back to the old forum. Haven't seen him much lately, but we often post to different topics...

If you're serious, I'm sure he can help you out..

Good luck!
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I will be putting on my Aussie head as soon as it comes!
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