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how come reply not going to the top of list?

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Yesterday the threads were set up so once replied to it went to the top of the list but now it is not, whats up, did you guys break this already [\b]

everytime I think I am done, I find more stuff to add. WHOO HOOOO!!!!
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Hm, I can see both side's point - a hot topic will alway be near the top but this still won't prevent somebody's post from being buried if no one knows (posts) an answer right away. That person may still have to repost to get an answer. With the number of posts growing exponentially, I'm not sure if newest-post-to-top will help.

I guess being a linear thinker I don't mind the current situation. If the seach feature works and we can posts links, doesn't that help?


Dean T

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