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How do I change my "title" on here?

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No big deal but, I have been a VMF'r since two formats ago so I'm pretty sure I qualify for not being titled as a "Newbie"
Thanks in advance.
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Real pisser aint it? Guess you just have to keep posting until you pass the milestones or go on chat and beg bob to change it to someting clever. That, of course, takes some forethought, since a VMF custom status is kinda like a tattoo - once you have you're stuck with it!

BTW - I had 2040 posts on the old forum and I'm a lowly tire-kicker here.

"When you hear pounding hoofbeats, think horses, not zebras." - Dr. Harold Slavkin, Dean USCSD

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Since we know without a doubt that Midlife is THE old fart. I would assume that Bob has taken it upon himself to give the Old Fogey his

Just think. When he gets done building that great big beautiful garage, he'll have to retire. After all being so old, it'll take him several days to shuffle his way across the yard to the garage (that is IF he doesn't forget where he's going in mid-shuffle. You know how old people are).

EH? What's that you whipper snapper.....he he

Dang! Just when I got used to being "strange", I became a "newbie". Now I'm a "tire kicker"....thump, thump.....he he

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...and I've got one of my four eyes on you....I can make Bob turn you into a permanent "Newbie"...Hee Hee! me check your shorts! My multimeter is just a-waiting! Formerly known as Midlife in the old VMF.
King of the Old Farts *struts*
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