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My clone is almost done, and have a few pics I'd like to share. My question is, How do I do that? I'd like to create a post and have the pics inside them ( much like most of you do). I don't have a web site or anything. Thanks for the info...I get the pics back in 3 days.
I had two clones...a 1967 GT350, and a 1968 GT350. Then I got Boss fever...sold the 67 on this site within hours of posting the second time around, but couldn't bare to part with the 68. Looks too damn good ( I think guys be the judge when posted) to part with. I acquired a 69 Boss 302 and it's currently in storage awaiting the clone to be finished. Man, Mustangs are VERY bad for the wallet!! Any help in posting would be appreciated.


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On behalf of dialup users, PLEASE make sure your pictures are the proper size before posting them!!! /forums/images/icons/smile.gif

The AVATAR is the little picture under your name - it should be 65 x 75 pixels in size (about a 2K file size). DO NOT load a 600x800 monster in that space. Many people seem to do that, and it takes quite a while for the little bitty picture linked to a huge file to load....Also, don't try to load a "detailed" picture in that tiny space - remember, it only displays at 65x75 pixels, so your detailed suspension pic will look like $#%! in that tiny space.

Signature pics should be around 400 pixels wide, and cropped appropriately-no need to show off your neighbors' houses, and make sure they are 72dpi, NOT 300. This adds unnecessary file size. Most good signature pics are 20K-25K in size.

Not sure what size a picture is? With most browsers, just right-click and view "properties".
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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