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I have had a constant vibration from my stick shift since I have owned the car, and I figured it was just that old cars vibrated a lot more. Well I decided to take a look at it, and when I did I noticed that when looking down through the hole in the floorboard, the shifter assembly is on the left side of the transmission, and it is vibrating off of the left side of the floor opening. Does that make sense? Basically the shifter is vibrating off of the left side of the shifter opening. It looks as though the transmission is centered in the hole, but with the shifter to the left of it there just doesnt appear to be ample room for the shifter. Any info would be appreciated.

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The shifter should sit far enough over to not contact the opening. I would check the motor and transmission mounts. You could have 1 coming apart or oil soaked, which makes them too soft. If the tranmission is out of alignment from the read end due to a bad mount, that could also cause the vibration.

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