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How do you clean the valves area?

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I am in process of replacing the valve covers with chrome ones. I took one off and the cork gasket was pretty bad and crumbled and few pieces fell in the valve spring area. I do not have an air compressor to blow the stuff out. I have picked up all the big pieces and cleaned the rest the best I could. Is there something that I can use to clean the area better to make sure that there are no more small pieces of cork gasket there?
Can I use WD40 or Simple Green, or should I just pour some oil over the springs and wipe the best that I can?
I am thinking of buying some air spray that is used for cleaning computer keyboard tomorrow.

Another question, the Driver side valve cover is on pretty tight and is not coming off. They must have used silicon gasket/sealer to hold it in place. Is there a way for me to break this seal and not bent the valve cover's edge like I did on the driver side?

Thanks In advance.
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hit the valve cover with a rubber hammer, or drive a 1 1/2" puddy knife under the cover in a couple of places. If you use a screw driver, you might bend the valve cover...
I would try and use a shop-vac and pull the debris away as opposed to just blowing it around with an air compressor. Sometimes that only drives the material deeper into areas you dont want clogged.
Thanks... That worked pretty good.
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