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How far in should a tailshaft bushing go?

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I'm replacing my tailshaft bushing and seal this morning. I used a block of wood to drive the bushing down, and it's gotten down pretty far but it isn't flush with the housing metal. Unfortunately, I can't remember if the old one stuck out or not when I drove it out with a chisel. It's not in cocked or anything, and I can't find anything in the manual that tells you how far in it should be.

To picture it, the bushing is below the outer edge of metal (where the seal metal sits flush with the case) but is about 1/4 inch above the inner casing metal, not flush.


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In the housing in my race car (which I've replaced a number of bushings in), the bushing is flush with the edge of its bore....there should be a short distance from the edge of the bushing to the inward facing lip of the seal...maybe 1/8" or so....

IIRC, there's a stop on the inner side of the bushing bore so it will only go in so far....occasionally, I've had to shorten longer bushings I've gotten by mistake to make everything fit...

How did the length of the bushing compare to your old one?

Did you measure the depth of the bushing bore?

Details, details...*G*

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