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How I spent my 4th of July extended weekend *LONG*

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The 4 day weekend actually began July 3rd at noon when we did a quick escape from work to go see Men In Black II. I give it a 7. Go see it but don't hurt yourself in the process. I prefered the Chub Chubs animated short better! /forums/images/icons/smile.gif
Full day 1: July 4th. Ok, roll the stang out of the garage to finish up the garage insulation and pegboarding. 90+ degrees out. Too hot. I'll tinker with the Mustang! Item one, headlights! (unsolicited product endorsement: Krud Kutter is great!) Ok, switch on, check power at the lights, yay! Pull off bumper (73 has very heavy bumpers! oof da!) to give it a good sanding and priming and to leave room for reaching. Plug in headlights, chrome rings, chrome trim. Pull switch. Nothing. Hmm....check power at dimmer, ok! Check power at headlight socket? Yay! Plug in headlight, nothing. Hmmm...Pep Boys, 2 headlights, wipers, bulbs and fuses. New headlights plugged in, pull switch and ! Nothing. Fruitless searching and headscratching. Power at the pigtail but no lights...hmmm...wait a second...quit using the body as the ground for the multimeter! Use the pigtail! Nothing! YAY! It's a grounding problem! Trace ground...oh, it's the black wire hanging here below the light socket...screw, screw...TA_DA! But the passenger headlight is dim. Oh look, TWO grounds unconnected. Problem resolved. 1 gallon of sweat (3.3 liters for the metric folk) and on to the turn signals...
Day 2: July 5th. Turn signals...rear are a-ok, bad bulb in the front left (but those are only driving lights, the turn signals are in the grille in 73.) Nothing in the grille lights. Go to check for juice and walla! Look mom, no bulbs! Screw, screw and TADA! Turn lights! Ok, on to the wipers...washer pump? YEOOOOOWCH!! Sounds like a pig caught in an alternator belt on a cold winter morning! Pull pump out...rust, crust and disgusting! (Add to next order, washer pump.) <end of day 2>
Day 3: July 6th. Family day! New swimming pool for the young master (he'll be 4 in August and has been a great help with the car...driving his 6 volt jeep around and around while I work. /forums/images/icons/smile.gif ) Fill the pool with some ice-cold water and watch the lips turn blue! But it's 90+ still so he loved every minute as did mom and dad. I can never complain about having a bad life. Ever. Thanks God!
Day 4: July 7th. Wipers...can't reach. I have muppet hands and muppet fingers so I need some room. Pull console (play with the non-winding clock later), Pull the dash pad (detour to put on new pad, wow!), pull the speedo and idiot lights (nice clear plastic lens) and reach back to crumble the speedometer cable attaching thingie. I wonder if they sell these separate from the cable? <add to order list> End of the day. End of the week. Take the trash out in the monring. Trash guys show up at 5:30 a.m. for the first time ever so I missed them! I also primed the front bumper and the lower front stone guard/valence and put them back on. Can I say enough good things about AMK product kits? Get them! I spent a lot of time on the 7th playing in the pool and on the puter with the young master so although I didn't do much, I did do enough to keep myself and others smiling /forums/images/icons/smile.gif
Thanks for listeneing!
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