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How much can i get for these parts?

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I have a 351 cleveland 2bbl engine that is complete and original that i am going to sell. I also have 2 C6 trannys that are both in good condition and in good working order. i also have 4 rear ends, 2 8inch and 2 9inch both in good condition. i also have 2 302 blcoks, one bare the other is a short block. a 351W edelbrock performer manifold and a corral/horse/bars for a 67 grill. how much should i ask for these things?
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the 351 is probably worth $100-400 depending on the year the engine was made for.

Trannies are hard to sell used and would most likely be worth $50-150 since they would be considered cores.

If the 9" rears are for Mustangs, you can probably get a couple hundred each for them

The 302 blocks are cores, $50-100

intake manifold, probably around $75

horse, coral and bars are worth about $50-100 depending on condition of the chrome and such.

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Depending on the particulars of the parts, which is something only an inspection would reveal, I'd offer up to 1K for the lot...

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