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Hey Phil,
I usually just dump a quart in there to make sure everything is lubed when the engine first starts.....the converter snout drives the pump, so, when the pump primes, the first place it sends oil to is the converter (path of least resistance)

Fit your converter into the trans before attaching the trans to the'll be engaging the input shaft splines, stator support splines and pump drive tangs so you should feel 3 clunks as you seat the converter into the trans...
No specific radial location is required...just slowly rotate and feel for the different items seating..

If you're concerned about the converter completely seating, you can measure from the flexplate surface to the block plate and from the bellhousing face to the converter stud bosses....the latter measurement should be greater than the former by 1/16"-3/16"....on my vehicles it's usually been around .090"-.125"

Have fun!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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