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How much for a 70 coupe?

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It was a V8 car but the engine and tranny are missing. I have a 289/C4 that would drop in. The interior looks pretty well trashed but it is all there. The back glass is smashed. I may turn this into my drag car and continue restoring Sheila to her former pristine self. The guy said he'd take $300 but ugh. Lots of work and money to make it into anything. Shesh, what am I thinking? I think I will go back and get a better look at it.

You can see my 65 fastback at:
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I dont know how much the car might be worth but I do know that if it has most of the parts there you could probably part it out for more than that. I dont know if this is something you would consider but its an idea.

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70 fastback done by may/graduation...hopefully

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Take it from someone who has the opposite...

Save that beautiful 65 for daily me...

You can sell enough unusable parts (if you build a drag car) off the '70 to easily double or triple what the seller wants for it....maybe more if you go with fiberglass body panels and polycarbonate windows...

I'll never forget the chopped '70 FB that ran the Super Gas circuit when it started out here in the late 70's....high nines with a BB Chevy for power...but boy did it look like no other Chevy around...*G*


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I purchased a 70 Coupe with 115,000 actual miles driven in Arkansas. The car had the original engine and transmission. I paid $850. The car body has several parking dings, and the cowl vent had to be repaired. The frame was good, the floor boards were repairable. The car now is fully restored except for paint/body work. The original engine survived the 18 year "sit" the car experienced and burns no oil and has good oil pressure.

I now have approximately $4,100 that I added to the car in all new seat covers, roof liner, floor carpeting, new dash pad, some interior chrome, all new painted interior, water pump, fuel pump, master cylinder, 4 wheel cylinders new drum pads, new brake spring kits, new hoses, engine hoses, belts, complete tune up, rebuilt carburetor, new oil and temperature sending units, new rear valance, bumper, backup lights, tail lights, door handles, antenna, flow master dual exhaust, clutch, throw out bearing, pilot bushing, pressure plate, rear tranny seal, detailed trunk and many other small things. All costs were kept in a spread sheet for everything including rattle can paint, primers, sandpaper bulbs - no matter how little the cost.

The underbody is completely sanded, primed, painted and undercoated.

I estimate the paint body work to cost about 3 to 4 K. All of the above mentioned was done by me except for the replacement of a new front windshield.

The car will never bring more then 5K due to it being a coupe - but I like and will enjoy it for may years! The great thing is that the car was not trashed and cut up or wiring trashed by any previous owner and is all stock. (except for the dual exhaust and Flow Master mufflers - oh, that was the other thing I had paid someone to do).
Lots of work - but the thing runs great! with the purchase price I paid of $850, I now have a total investment of around $5,150.
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