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Just curious how much HP my car is pushing. Factory 351c4v with dual flowmasters Edelbrock 600 and edelbrock dual plane high rise manifold. This car has petronix if this makes a difference.

1970 351c4v w/4spd toploader topless
1974 HD WideGlide Stroker Shovelhead
1997 Lincoln Mark 8
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Headers? Without headers most of your exhaust enhancements are wasted.

The 351C 4V made 300 horses at 5400 rpms and 380 ft lbs at 3400 rpms. Not too shabby.

Your improvements may be good for a few horses but the carb is holding you back on the top end.

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Open chamber or closed chamber heads? If you uograde your cam to a roller with a good lift and duration and boost carb to a 750 Demon (or something like it) and a few other tricks you can get well over 400hp. I did this with a 1973 CJ engine.

1970 Mach 1, soon to be finished, 351 4V, Calypso Coral, top loader
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