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How much is a '66 rolling chassie worth?

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I am wondering how much a '66 chassie and body is worth. The car is missing the engine and trans but it is in very nice shape body wise, it looks to have been restored at sometime. The caris a converted 6 cylinder to a V-8. The inside is restorible. What is the value of the car? Thanks for the help.
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Let us know if it is a coupe, vert or a fastback. Will make a big difference on value.
I paid $1400 for an absolutely rust free '65 coupe with a good 289 and C-4. It needed paint and a complete interior. Have put new brake lines, brakes and master cylinder to make it safe to move around. With no engine and 6 cyl. drive line and suspension, I would have to say "not much". Good Luck, hope this helps.
Always depends on if you're buying or selling. I bought a 1 owner '65, red on red, deluxe interior, V-8, auto, & air. No ongine or trans for $1000. It runs(not well) has new brakes & interior & I can't give it away for $3K!
BTW it's never been wrecked or rusted & still has the original sheet metal except the hood, & has the dealers tag in the trunk... ya never know. I'd say if it's nice a thou.
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