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How much R134 goes in A/C?

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I recently installed a Classic Auto Air system in my 65 coupe. It went real smooth, I'd recommend the kit. Anyway, how much R134 should be charged into the system? My mechanic took a guestimation and put one pound in. It blows cool, but not really cold in the 80 degree Arizona weather we had today. I didn't know if anyone could give us some insight.

John Thomas

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The "backyard" way to add refrigerant is to allow the refrigerant to flow until the suction line begins to "sweat" from condensation. The best way to fill your unit is by using a manifold gauge with compound gauges that show the temp of the refrigerant for R-134A. The temp delta mentioned earlier in another post was slightly off. Instead of 30 the evap in out delta should be around 20 degrees. Just shoot some juice into the system until the "cold" line starts to sweat. It will be fine.
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