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How much would you pay for this motor?

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Im thinking of buying it. I would appreciate your guys help!

71 351 clev 2v(open chamber). Just rebuilt, .030. 0 miles. comp cam 218 int/exh cam(new lifters,pushrod, old springs). Head work/block work done. Manley cast aluminum pistons( 10:1 ). Grounded grank and reworked , .10. Stock rods. New rings, etc. I would be buying the long block, including some of the brackets, and origional points distributor. Now,
The owner says 1500 was put into rebuild, and he would like 1200 dollars(plus 300 shipping). IT seems kind of high to me. And the owner told me "at least" 1200. So I wanted to wait a few days to come up with an offer. I would still need headers, man, carb. I could probably use the stuff off my 302 for accesories. How much would you guys pay? Im thinking 700 plus 300 shipping? I dunno, this is my first engine. Im hoping that my c4 will hold up to the mild 2v cleveland. Will my torque converter work for the cleveland? Im not woried about clearance cause I drive a 72. What do you guys think? Thanks for the help. oh, and it is built buy a machine shop that has a 3 month warranty.
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He's probably got that in the engine, but there are a few things that caught my eye.....
1. Cast pistons.....I know that OEM but if you're goin to spend the money for Manley's, why didn't they go forged?

2. 3 month warranty.....most basic reman engine warranty's are 6 months, plus we don't know if it's transferrable or even in writing.

Typically, to rebuild an engine, with goodies you're looking at about $3,500 or more, so figuring on what heads, headers, etc cost, he's not that far off base, but there is something not quite right here...I just get a feeling, though I could be wrong, and it wouldn't have been the first time "G"!
I just invested $1200 into my 302. Stock except for bore and cam. Block: Bored .030, shot-peaned, 9:1 flat top pistons and rods balanced, crank .010, cam 474 lift, ring kit, HV oil pump, double roller chain, new lifters (hyd). Heads reworked and shaved. Plus I still have to put it together.

I would say he's losing money at $1200. Not saying offering less would be an insult but don't expect to get it at $700.
Most rebuild shops that do this on an exchange basis don't even rebuild 351C's as an inventoried item. I checked four local rebuilders websites here in the Dallas area - not one of them list the 351C. That does not mean they won't build it .. but my point is you can go in and exchange a 302,351W,360,390,460 etc any day of the week. And the cost for a Premium Long Block with a 6 month warranty runs between 700.00 for small blocks up to 925.00 for the 460s.

This guy probably took this to a specialty machine shop to build it the way he wanted it...and if he did...this type of rebuild by a reputable quality shop is easily 1400.00 to 1700.00.

I would not insult the guy, but you have to decide what it is worth to you. If you could just drive an hour and pick it up....alleviate the dhipping charges...that would rock. But everything must come into play since this is not an option.

If he really needs to unload it...offer him 1350.00 delivered and see what he says...but set your limits no matter what he wants.

Just my two cents...

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He probably wants the motor gone, yesterday. Don't be afraid of offering the 700. Worrying about "insulting" the guy cost you money. My friend recently looked at a 88 Late model V8 mustang, for sale at $1700, the owner practically begged him to buy it and the final price was $375!!
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