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hey there PNW-VMF'er.

i have a 1966 couple (6cyl auto, pony interior) that i am going to part with (as hard as it may be).

i am interested in hearing from some folks on the best method for determining the value i should ask.

it is a solid car that has been in my family for 25 years. always garaged and came from idaho (dry land) to me 2 years ago.

i started down the road of putting a 302 in it but now fear i may need to part with it. i rebuilt all of the front and rear suspension and put a set of disc brakes on the front from SSBC. that is where it stopped so it is still drivable.

anyway i would be interested in any and all help that could be offered to point me in the right direction for setting a price. is hemming's the way to go? i have looked at ebay prices and craigslist prices and that almost adds to the confusion.

i found this site as a reference but the price ranges are so large it is hard to determine the right target. i would say it is a 3ish on this scale. straight, runs fine, clean inside, no rust, needs new wheels to fit the front 5 hole brakes.

thanks for the time,
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