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How to identify an original 69 rear spoiler?

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What is the difference between the repro and the original rear spoilers?
Are they both smooth?
Where are the part numbers?
Difference in weight?
Thank you for any help.
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original 69 spoilers were light and would bow after a short time. I am not sure of the texture but looking at 69 Bosses, the real spoilers are bowed. 70's did not have the problem

ive got 1 of each,69 and a 70 the 69 is quite a bit lighter[plastic]and uses bolt`s to hold it to the deck lid
also prone to saging.mine has a small amount of warp to it.
the 70 is quite a bit heaver[fiber glass,like the repo`s]uses studs/nuts to mount to deck lid,
factory 70 spoiler car use a trunk prop rod and specl brackets
be careful thats it not from a cougar as thy are diff spaced between the legs
also some repo spoilers are thick like railroad ties where orig are thin
65 k gt vert
65 gt 350
66 t-5 gt fastback
70 mach1 351 shaker
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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