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How to keep a 70 Mach I Cool?

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Does anyone use electric fans IN ADDITION to vintage belt driven cooling fan with fan shroud? What about products to add to water in radiator which claim to lower temps 20-40 degrees? Any other ideas? It is regularly 95-105 degrees here in west texas everyday and at traffic lights my temp gauge moves to the "H".
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I have a 6-bladed engine driven fan + sheetmetal shroud. I also have added a 12" electric pusher fan to the front. I run a hi-vol Flowkooler H2O pump and 4-core radiator.

I only use the electric on 90*+ days for extended idling (15+ mins) and parades. When you flip it on, you can watch the gauge move down from the 3/4 mark to the 1/3 mark in a matter of 30 seconds. I've never overheated, but wasn't comfortable with a 3/4 gauge reading - the electric keeps me cool.
I would be skeptical about any product that claims to keep it cooler than the coolant in the car. Antifreeze will just raise the boiling point of the water in your cooling system to keep it from boiling over, that is its job. Tou don't say wether you have ac but make sure all fins on radiator and condenser if it has one are clean. I cant see a electric fan gaining you anything except like Clonie above at idle or in heavy traffic.
Use your original tanks and put a 4 row between them. Water Wetter does work.
I used only electric fan with 4 row rad and it was O.K. on my old 351W.
Some of the coolant additives I wouldn't touch after reading the labels. 40 Below says not to
get it on any panted surface, even powder coated items so if you blow a hose or get a leak
your paint job is history. Water Wetter does work as another poster has said, by breaking down
surface tension inside the moter and rad, and according to them, W/W, won't destroy painted
surfaces. They claim anyway, but you always pays your money and takes your chances.
With a 20/80 mix, 2 bottles lowered the temp 10 to 15 degrees. Very unscientific test which
ended abruptly when wife caught me using her thermometer.
Both windows rolled down at 100 mph . . .
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