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Hugged my daughter today and told her I loved her

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I really feal awful about plummer55. I didn't really know him other then a few PM's. But as a parent, I can relate. I feel so bad for his little girl.

So when I went home for lunch today I hugged my daughter, Lia, aka "Huskinhano" and told her I loved her. It made me feel better.
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I know what you mean, I'm just a couple of years younger than Alen, and this has really been on my mind. My daughter has been at church camp this week, and my son at his grandmothers for the last couple of days, so it has given me a lot of time to think about the quality of time I actually spend with my family, and of life's uncertainty. I will be giving both of my children big hugs as soon as they are back home!
I know what you mean Tom. I'm 41 years old and have a five year old daughter, so plummer55's death has been on my mind most of last night and today. I gave my five year old (and two year old) extra long hugs last night. I'll make sure to do the same tonight and hopefully for the rest of my life. Life really is fleeting. Here one day, gone the next.
I was six years old when my father died. he was 30 years and three days old. I was old enough to feel pain and abondonment, but not old enough to dwell on it. It will be incredibly hard on his wife, and later his daughter will have many questions. As long as they have faith, and love each other they will survive this. No matter what though, it is a tragedy. Glad to hear that you guys are affected, and that you realize how important your relationships with your children is.
i lost my dad when i was younger, he never got to meet SWMBO, or my two Angels(?).
the emptyness does not go away, it does subside though.
I try extra hard to enjoy the time I have with my family, and need no reminder s of how precious they are
Man I know what all of you are feeling, I've sort of been in a funk eversince reading the post for the first time yesterday. I'm 45 have a 2 and almost 6 year old and can't stop thinking what there life would be like trying to grow up without there father around.

To compound my thoughts, I keep thinking how envious of others I've been my entire life to grow up not ever having grand parents, as they were all gone before my birth, than the fact that my father grew up in orphanige as his mother and father both died before he was two. Thank god my fathers still with us, he's 80 but his health is fading.

Sorry to go on an on, just good to get some of it out.

Hold them close, and love them with all your heart.

I hugged and kissed my father goodbye in the hospital on April 23, 1957. He passed away the next day. I will remember that hug and kiss fondly for the rest of my days.

Life and family are more precious than anything on earth. When our children are misbehaving, or things are going badly (or well) it's easy to forget that. But we must not forget.
I couldn't agree more with the sentiments you guys have expressed here. The news about Plummer55 is an instant shot of reality. It sure makes the little agravations of day-to-day life seem trivial. I guess we all need to think about the big picture when our kid(s) wants to throw a baseball or do something together. That's got to come way ahead of work on the car or other things. I hope Plummer55 took the time to let his family know how special they were to him.
My brother died at 40 (Heart Attack), on New years eve 2 years ago. I'm 39 now, 40 in December.
My brothers son was 8 at the time, he has done pretty well, my sister in law had a much harder time of it.
That and the the Death of Allen really makes you take a look at things. Enjoy life, love your family, do the things you've been meaning to do!
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