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hydraulic clutch for the poor man?

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It seems to me that there would be a good set of master/slave cylinders available at the local parts store that could be used for a T5 conversion. The bracket for the slave could be a little tricky to figure out, but it seems that going this way should not cost much more than $100.00, way cheaper than the kits out there. Has anyone done this? Can anyone recommend part numbers or at least other cars or trucks that have a hydraulic system that might work with a T5?
Thanks, Doug
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I have never looked at the set-up, but, my '92 Ranger has a 5 speed with a hydralic clutch.....Might check one out at your local wrecking yard. They should have a few of them.....
Pontiac Fiero. I used its hydraulic clutch parts long ago and it still works quite well. Check out my webpage for more info on it.
Excellent! Thanks Dave.
Did you ever find or adapt a remote resevoir?
Nope, note yet. It all worked, so I figured I might as well leave well enough alone. I haven't had to touch the fluid resovoir since I put it in, so its location isn't all that inconvienient.
The available commercial kits use off the shelf master and slave units. Obviously they had to come up with brackets and such as well. If you don't making your own brackets, maybe someone here can figure out the specs of the master and slave units that come in the kits. I think there is only one easily available slave, but the Wilwood/CNC type master cylinders come in three bore sizes. The bore size will affect stroke and pedal effort. I see the master cylinders accasionally at swap meets.
The Ranger has the type where the slave is part of the throwout bearing.


My Mazda Miata has similar parts to your pictures of the Fiero stuff. I'll have to look at the master cylinder and see if the mounting flanges are also at an angle. Might be another good donor.
I did some research on what you're talking about last fall...and was headed towards buying the components. The slave and master cylinders can be bought out of the dirt track racer catalogs for around $100. Like you said, coming up with the bracket to mount the slave, and drilling fitting the master are the only real issues.

I ended up going the cable route...for about 3/4 the cost. Check out my webpage on DIY cable clutch setups
Do you have any idea what the bore of the master and the slave are? What is the pedal effort like? I have looked at your webpage numerous times and I cannot recall/determine where you located the slave on the bell or on the tranny? Does the slave push or pull? Do you know how travel the slave has? How did you attach the master to the clutch pedal? Did you use the original hole or did you relocate somwhere else on the pedal? I know I have tons of questions because right now I have a T-10 but will be upgrading to a T-5 next winter or the following winter. I would like to find one setup that I can use for both (obviously the brackets would be different). Thanks for any help you could provide.

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