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Yo Joe,

Is it possible that the rings are bottoming out in the ring grooves of the pistons? I know you checked them and they look similar but did you actually mic the lateral thickness?

I'll bet you're using a spring steel compressor and not a tapered sleeve compressor, yes?

Run your fingernail up and down the hatch marks in the cylinder wall....does it catch at all?

Are the hatch marks at roughly a 45 degree angle to each other?

FWIW, I've done a few re-ring jobs with a 400 grit Flexhone in a drill, some plasma moly rings and lots of hope...and most of the time they'd work just fine, at least until we could get the engine back on the's amazing the things one will do with some prize money dangling in front of them....

Let us know what you find out...

1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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