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I claim most ridiculous injury today

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Okay, this has to qualify for the most ridiculous injury while working on a Stang. I was trying to get the little rubber bumpers for the glove box door in those teeny little holes. Needless to say, the holes are undersized. I pushed and twisted with no luck, so I thought I'd help the little buggers in with a screwdriver. So I pushed, and pushed harder, and then the darn thing slipped, and now my thumb is bleeding.
Fortunately it's not bad enough to need suturing, because I wouldn't want to explain the mechanism of injury to an ER doc. Is there some sort of award for this?


1965 convertible "White Pony", my own lesson in mechanical humility
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You get the " Shouldn't have used the screwdriver for a push tool" award. It looks like a Screwdriver with blood dripping on the end of it. But it is gold plated *G*
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Congratulations on your new award *G*

How about the "shouldn't have used a screw driver to seperate a muffler from a tailpipe award" . About ten years back I was trying to remove a muffler from a tailpipe. Had the whole assembly in one hand , and a screw driver in the other. I figured I could jam the screw driver between the broken off tailpipe and the muffler inlet. Just before I attempted this I thought to myself "Don't miss and jam the screwdriver into your hand" , well needless to say that's exactly what I did. Jammed that sucker into the fleshy part between my thumb and fore finger. Ten stiches , five inside , five outside.

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I'll send the award right over. My lip's been healed up for about 2 days now from where I smacked myself in the face with a hammer, working on my son's '65. I'm all done with the award now.

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You know how manufacturing companies love to keep up with the hours logged without a lost time accident. Well at one place I worked at in the past, the string of one million some odd hours worked with no lost time accident was brought to an end when one of the draftsmen suffered an eye injury when his lead broke and flew into his eye. I don't think it was an OSHA vioation.
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So .......... How'd ya get the in? Does blood work good as a lube?

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Not a good lube, but a pretty good adhesive when dry.


1965 convertible "White Pony", my own lesson in mechanical humility
Had a car on a lift taking out a rear axle and pulled the axle into my face breaking one of my front teeth, Oh well, I do live in Kentucky where that is viewed as a badge of honor!

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Yeah, thats right...Convertible!!
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