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I don't care 'bout no stinkin storm

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In spite of a Nor-easter..and horrible rain all damn day..I couldn't wait any longer and took my new/old Vert for a spin.
Surprise..the wipers work, the defroster works..and not one leak inside the car..too cool

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Teebone, I can't wait till spring. We have had a snow covering for so long now I am really getting tired of it. We got 3 inches yesterday. Today its supposed to get up to 45. It just isn't getting nice out fast enough!


Are you going to bring that car along with you when you hit the show circuit this year? You're not going to be one of those guys who won't show the car unless its perfect, are you?


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I still have a foot of snow in my front yard up here in Southern NH...I am dying to get the Mustang out. I am starting to peek under the cover way too much lately. It's time, it's definitely time..

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