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I Don't Care If It's A Dry Heat!

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It's still *%#[email protected]* HOT!

Nothing like trying to sand, final clean, and paint a car inside a closed garage where the temps are above 110 degrees. Yeah, it's not humid, at least if you don't count the sweat pouring off of everyone. The hard part is keeping it off the car. The good part is I lost four pounds already and probably more tomorrow. All we do is drink water and then we're not hungry at dinnertime. /forums/images/icons/laugh.gif

Yesterday, we built a paint booth in Chuck's trailer bay, along with a forced air system (i.e., window fan at one end of the bay and filters at the other). Today, we painted a friend's 65 'vert. Although it needs some wet-sanding, it turned out very nice. Yes, it's red--bright red! Tomorrow, we'll do some sanding and put some parts back on.

After painting, Chuck and I went to work on Trouble's fiberglass hood. After we put the hood on, we noticed that one edge is not straight due to a bad mold. So, we're building a new edge along that side by doing a little creative engineering. Tomorrow, after working on the 'vert, we'll start trimming and shaping the hood edge.

All in a weekend's work.
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Once we finished painting, we turned off the fan and had a natural paint oven in the trailer bay. /forums/images/icons/laugh.gif Yup, dry heat...
Yes, this is the same car. No problem at all with using the reducer in the primer. We also talked with a local paint shop and they said they also use reducer instead of thinner. The car is going to look gorgeous. I'll post pictures when it's done, and it will be at the Grand National.
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