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I finally got the car put together enough to go out and test it. I backed it out and took it around the block...IT SHIFTS!!!!!!!

I grabbed my wallet and made the 4 mile trek into town to get gas.....nice and easy. On the way back I kinda gave it half throttle....WOWOWOWOWOW~~~~~!!!!

I haven't even tuned that carb yet ( It is SUPOSED to be race-ready out of the box...we will see about that) and it ran like a scalleded(sp?) Dog... OMG!! I have created a monster! /forums/images/icons/cool.gif

I will post soon on how the aluminum radiator and electric fan install went.

I am Pleased to say the least.

Full Throttle

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Sounds better'n a Prom date!


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Don't zing it while it is breaking in (presuming you just made a re-build). Easy thing to do is mess up your time and money consuming effort by hitting it too hard too soon. (Speaking from experience).

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hehehe, sounds fun!! Got any pics?? Keep us posted!!

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(rebuilding a 351W)
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