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I finally did it, I put her on the block

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Okay, so I know this isn't the place for advertising and so I want to be clear that's not what I am doing. I have made many friends here and I just wanted to share while I cry in my beer. The 69 vert is now up on . 9d 23h 58m left.

Wah! So what I need here is someone to say "Hey Dave, you are doing the right thing. Seattle is no place for a convertible and you really will save a lot of money this way. Buck up." Any of you out there that have sold their one and only Mustangs care to tell me that it get's better at some point? Like any break up it hurts at first but the passing of the seasons will make it all right? Anything?

Wah. Okay. I am going to belly up to the bar and drink a few cold ones. Hopefully the beer to tear ratio will drown out the salty taste...
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Sorry, don't have anything to say that will cheer you up, but....if it doesn't get better, you could always buy another Mustang with the money! /forums/images/icons/smile.gif BTW, I tried searching on ehay for all 1969 Mustangs, but it didn't come up. Got an auction number for me? /forums/images/icons/smile.gif Good luck on selling.
Er... umm....

*sigh* Can't do it, bud. Very sorry to hear it. But you should be able to afford a nice coupe or possibly fastback, if that would make you feel better.

Know exactly how you feel..sold my BOSS 302 yesterday , its still in my garage until he picks it up this week, needless to say FUN will be had before she goes..
Drinking with you ole son!..
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Seattle is no place for a convertible and you really will save a lot of money this way

<hr></blockquote>Sorry for the bad news...but the recent weather in Seattle has been great for convertible. My sun burnt head has felt better today with the cloud cover. On a serious note, you are the one who knows what is best. If money is not an issue and you dont want to sell, then don't! But if it is, than you are most likely doing the right thing. Stick in there....or on the upside, if you set a reserve, it might not be met!
I get the daily e-mail from "that site" with all new Mustang auctions and I always check out the '69's and 70's, so I saw yours today. I wondered if it belonged to a VMF'er. I live in New England but that doesn't stop me from having multiple Mustangs. Sure, they sit in the garage all winter and most of the spring, plus all rainy days in between, but on those days when the sun is shining and the sky is blue life is good!

Unless you need the money, I'd say keep it. It's paid for, the insurance shouldn't be that much, and a spare car can always come in handy. And when the sun is out, you won't have to suffer a moment of regret. Life is too short to have regrets when you have the means to avoid them.
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