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I fought the window

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Well I have busy working on the 69 and in order to make sure things are right I needed to pull out the front window. So I get the dash off and notice light under the lower passenger side of the window. Now I have to take it out so here I am struggling with the piano wire trying to be careful with the window but the gasket material is like some kind of goo but I am getting through it. Some of the places are tight and chipping the glass but I'm thinking thats ok as long as it doesn't crack I will be ok. But lo and behold I get to the bottom where it is tight and start across and the thing cracks dam dam dam :( :(. But I have to get it out gotta stop the rust check the pic,

Dam this is gonna be hard to fix. I am beginning to hate this car maybe with is so far I apart I will part it out and bank the cash what am I gonna do. ::

Every time I turn around it is a new rust hole somewhere, I guess that is what I get for living in the NW and buying a NW car. But this was always garaged or covered all the time, how can this be? :: But I have a welder and the knowledge to fix this stuff. But I think I am needing some encourgement, although I did get some priming done yesterday. Check out my post in the PNWVMF.

Sorry this is so long but hopefully I can get through this.
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Garage keeping it will only slow the rust in a humid environment. I live in Charleston SC, and live directly on the water. I swear you could put the car in a vacuum sealed bubble and it would still rust around here somehow. Sorry to hear about the window. Im having to fix rust hole around my rear windshield right now. Its not impossible, just takes some patience. BTW, if hte car is insured, dont know what kinda shape its in, in many states insurrance will pay for a front windshield since its considered a safety feature.

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Hang in there Neal!

You'll get through it ;) No matter how great a car might appear, there are always surprises. Just take step back and figure a way to make the repair. In the end, you'll have a great looking car and will look back at all the trials a tribulations with great satisfaction in knowing you did it yourself ::
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