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I found a Co. that is willing to Barter for parts

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With all of the projects I have going on, my bank account seems like it's always tapped!
I Found someone that is willing to trade my services for new parts.

My question is, What is my services worth?

Basically they want to sell parts & cars on ehay. I would be setting up the Templates for the auctions, driving to their shop onece a week to take digital photos of the items & cars for sale, using my account which is already established and billing them once a month for the ehay charges I incur. There's a lot of other little stuff also that goes along with it.

What would be a fair value to place on this type of service? I don't do this stuff for a living, so I have no idea? But to find someone willing to trade for new Mustang parts would sure help out the pocket book!

If you prefer to email me, click here [email protected]

Thanks for any help you might be able to suggest or offer!

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Get it in writing.../forums/images/icons/smile.gif
How many hours a week are you going to commit, cost of gas, etc. How much is your time worth? I would gear it for a percentage of each sale, maybe 10%, maybe 20%???

Good luck.
I would have to agree with Bob. Charge a percentage like ehay does. 15%? maybe?
Obviously, something of that nature should be worked out on paper with all details agreed upon before. But I think the major benefit here is that your service and reputation will be built closer to the shop(I'm assuming the Ranch right?). My dad is cool with Gary H from the old "Fresno Mustang" store before Capps bought it out. They used to help each other out here and there, so when we needed little things like half of a heater box when rebuilding it or a small part of a window regulator, instead of buying a new one you can probably get it for almost free. This might come in handy one day when you need something specific but don't have the $$$ to buy it new or it isn't made anymore. Capps got all of Gary's old stuff so they have a lot of "used" parts that are salvageable and/or useable. I have done this before, selling stuff on for people, and as long as everything is clear before it can be rewarding for both parties. Just let him know how much time you plan on spending per day or week and any expenses. If you spend an average of an hour and a half on it everyday plus the traveling and bid-watching just let him know you're estimating 2 hours of work per day. I'm sure he wouldn't mind giving you X amount of store credit or cash if you need it for your time, help, expertise. If I had to put a number on it, I'd say $5-10/hour just cause it's not really physical labor but you could still please both sides. In case you didn't know, companies that build web pages or templates or maintain business computer needs get $50+/hour so asking for $150/week in credit isn't unfair at all.
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I've heard of guys charging as much as 20$ PER ITEM.They didn't want to mess around with the 5$ items.Depends how much extra time you have.
Good luck, I did this for some friends at work and it was a time consuming nightmare. Robert
get an advance in cash or certified check for the amount of initial hours you may work and spend traveling to their site.
it sounds harsh at first, but if they are serious and want the job done, get an advance. it avoids all hurt feelings later on.
if they hesitate about paying up front, then they wouldn't hesitate about screwing you out of you money after all is done.
hand shake deals that involve technical service ususally run in favor of the recipient, not the supplier.
just my opinion
You may want to concider getting a second ehay account just for their stuff. Then if they get some negatives from bad parts or service your account and reputation will not suffer!
Well, you did the VMF auctions so you should have some idea how long it takes to get an item listed.

For me it takes about 20 minutes if I don't keep stopping to check my e-mail, VMF, etc. Add in the time for picture taking/uploading and accounting (some listing fees get refunded and there are credit card fees, etc. A mini-nightmare there) and I'd be over a half hour per auction.

Are you gioing to be packing the stuff up and taking it to the shipper too? Then it could be over an hour per auction.

After you determine how long it will take per auction you can then get a ballpark price based upon what you think you should be compensated for this service. I would take any figure I'd come up with and add 50% for problems and things left out (like e-mails to get payment and such). Remember that if they pay you in parts then they're getting them at the wholesale price.

It sounds to me like they want all the benefits of DBAY without the sucky aspects.

If they're selling new parts then things are a bit different because relisting an auction is simple once the initial effort is put in.
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I was doing that for a local company and it became a nightmare. First the items were not bringing enought so I would make the opening bid what they wanted(if they would tell me), trying to collect the money and account became a hassel for me, then shipping got to be a hassel for them so I did it(remember, if they don't follow through properly its you who gets neg feedback), the Ehay fees were too high, etc etc. I quit as it just created more problems than it solved. BTW I was charging 15% of the auction except on whole car sales and I got 10% and they paid the listing fees.
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