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Hey guys whats up I know Ive been bothering you alot with the cleveland ordeal but I finally found a guy who has made a 351 EFI twin turbo. Now he gave me a list of items I need and prices. Im hoping you guys can help me find these items for a less price in anyway shape or form. So if you guys could help it would be great. Also if you have any tips in making anything or fabricating anything it would be great. Also could I get any money for the parts Im replacing with these new ones for the engine like the pistons and stuff like that. Heres the list:

To make it run right, you need EFI. $2500 to $3500 easily for all parts
(use 55lb injectors and a really big pump (255L) or duals)
No EFI intake exists for the cleveland so you will need one modified $300
Stainless steel valves $300 ( IMPORTANT!!! Exhaust guides clearanced at .004)
Forged Pistons with 8.5 to 1 compression $600 to $900 (if custom made)
Rework stock rods $200 or new rods $500
Custom Exhaust $500 to $1000
Modified oil pan for turbo oil drains $50 (drains need to be 3/4" and not
have any low spots)
Turbo cam $150
good block no larger than .030 over preferably less
Good ignition controlled by the EFI computer $300
2 Turbos P trim .69 A/R with H trim compressor $1600
2 Waste gates $500
Other plumbing for turbos (air/oil) custom made $400
Air filters $100
Head and Main studs $200
Machine work and normal rebuild parts $1200

Thanks John

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Hey kent where is he located because if Im correct that area code is for Sacramento and I was wandering if he is in that are because Im actually in Sacramento right now and will be for another day and would love to run over there.


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im building a twin turbo 5.0 on less than $1000 budget right now.. well.. maybe a tidge more.. but i seriously doubt it

consider a windsor engine.. 5.0 or 351. If you want to go cheap i can tell you more but contact me off list, im not giving away details until my project is doing 25 mph burnouts and the bragging rights are mine :p

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You can cut the pricing of turbos by using the T-25 Airesearch turbos......they are adjustable to 24 psi and are a bit smaller for clearance and will also spool up quicker than the larger turbos.....

They come in 85-87 turbo t-birds.....and include wastegates...

machining your block to accept wire type orings is crucial.

An MSD detonation control module would also be good...

I see those turbos at wrecking yards all the time......infact theres two at the local pick n pull right now.
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