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Saw your post re Mustang Monthly.
I am currently keeping company with (isn't that a lovely turn of phrase) a lady who works for a magazne distribution company.
I get all I want for nothing , and magazines as well, Wheels , all the mustang/ford stuff, classic cars etc,etc.
Yah playboy and p/house too , some really interesting stories in those suckers!
Being a chick magnet can be a burden , but there are some compensations . LOL.
I might be able to get you a few copies.l

Nah bugga ya *G*

If at first you don't succeed , find a bigger hammer

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You Lucky Bugger. I spend a fortune on mags, [censored] I subscribe to the 3 Mustang mags from the states as well as Street Machine, Motor and Australian Street Rodding over here. I also buy Unique Cars every month. But I win out with grog as SWMBO works at a gaming venue/club and gets me all the VB and Jim Beam that I need real cheap. Yeah Penthouse has some great, informative articles, I had to let that subscription lapse when SWMBO came along. Cheers

Tim Russell
Sale, Victoria, Australia

67 Convertible
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