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I got a close look at an 05 GT

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While running some errands with my 2 year old son in my 68 fastback tonight I stumbled upon an 05 GT parked in little ole downtown Morgantown, WV. It has Michigan manufacturer plates and was parked in a parking spot near High Street.

I circled the block and found a vacant parking space right behind it and we were soon greeted by the driver. He works for Ford and was using the car for some type of testing (I did not quite catch it) but he let us take a really good look at it.

It's quite nice inside and the body lines are pretty striking- I must admit that it was way cool to have an 05 and my 68 fastback parked together on the main road through town. You can tell they used lots of styling cues from the 68 on the 05.

All in all a beautiful car. I was a little disappointed in the exhaust sounded just like a 4.6 03 or 04 Mach 1. I guess I expected something a little "meaner".

Nice car !!

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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