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I've fallen on hard times, and they don't look like they are about to get any better. So, I'm checking the interest level on my car. My other car is already up for sale as well, but its not a Mustang so good riddance!

Anyways, my Mustang is:
1968 Mustang Coupe
VIN: 8R01C165056
Door plate: 65A T 2A 10F 72 2 W ( I think, I will verify to be sure)
Decodes as
Standard Coupe
Candyapple Red
Black Std interior
Scheduled build date of June 10th
San Jose DSO
2.79:1 Open rear
C-4 Auto trans.

Engine= '66 289 with C8 heads and intake. It was reman'd at least 50k miles ago. Still seems to run strong, no knocking, ample power. Engine looks pretty stock- no dress up components on it.

Tranny= Original C-4 3-spd automatic rebuilt 3 years ago by AAMCO. Approximately 10k miles on rebuild. Standard shift pattern, no shift kit.

Rear End= 2.79:1 open, seems to be original. Has tag still.

In the time i have owned this car (6 years next week), I have replaced the master clinder and the wheel clinders, had the brakes done, installed new rear leafs and attaching hardware from Canadian Mustang, rebuilt the front end with components from Canadian Mustang, Laurel Mountain, and California Mustang. The car drives very well, but the steering box is either out of adjustment or needs to be replaces. The car has "el cheapo" shocks on all four corners that had a lifetime warrenty from Shucks. The car has drum brakes all around. The emergency brake needs adjustment. The car needs a full detail underneath.
As for the interior, the dash pad is original, but warped somewhat above the driver's cluster. The head liner is original, as are the sunvisors and day/nite mirror. Door arm rests are original. Front and rear upholstry are original. I have replaced the door panels, the knobs on the window cranks, the carpet, and the dash panels. I also installed an original black console from a car with A/c last year. I added original seat belts to the car, including the hooks and shoulder straps. I replaced the pedals with a NOS brake pedal cover and a reproduction accel pedal. Carpet is ACC industries. New sill plates last year, but they are scuffed up already =).

As for the exterior, the car is still Candyaple red. I had it painted by Maaco earlier this year. Looks good from a distance, but it is not a show paint job. They used a true bc/cc on the car (Dupont ChromaColor and ChromaClear, IIRC). Some old rock chips are visible under the old paint. Looks very good from 20 feet away, with lots of gloss. I get lots of complements and a lot of surprised faces when I say Maaco painted it. Front and rear bumpers are repro, but have the original rear still. Both are Nordan, rear is new front is about 10 years old. New emblems all around, new drip rail moldings, new rocker moldings, new tail light bezels. Original lenses, original aluminum trim framing rear concavity. Original trim around front and rear windows. Original but scratched glass all around car, except windshield (Safelite autoglass special). Side glass has scratches and sand pits. All sheet metal is beleived to be original with the exceptions I will discuss below.

Rust= My car has minimal rust present, in my opinion. I have replaced the quarters with new skins, the outer wheelhouses, the trunk floor drop offs, the toe boards on both sides, and had a small floor pan patch installed under the driver's left foot (approx 5x8 inches). I didn't do the work myself, so I don't know how it all looks underneath, but the quarters look very nice. There is some body filler on the bottom front corners of the doors, and some on the front fenders accross the door gap as well. The passanger door looks like rust is bubbling under the paint again. I will try to get a picture of this. Under the car looks very solid except for where the front floor pans meet the firewall- I think that is the torque boxes. They look solid, but the edges are starting to rust. Again I will try to post a picture. Everywhere else is solid. No rusty framerails, bottoms of doors ok, cowl ok.

Car's options: AM Radio, Full wheel covers, Full tinted glass, Automatic Tranny, 289 V-8, Tilt-away steering, larger tires from factory. Also it has Leak-o-Matic Power steering. Since it left the factory, a turn signal hood with black stripes to cowl has been added, full floor console, pop open gascap first release, 68-69 Styled steel wheels, dual exhuast with GT valance, and I have a black c-stripe in a box to install on the car as well.
I will come back and post some more info about it as I feel necessary (like Marti Report, History 999).

Price I'm asking is $8500. You can PM me or email me at [email protected] I will be more than happy to answer your questions on my car, and send/post more pictures. I'll try to secure a video camera for serious buyers as well.

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Sorry to hear about your luck. I just wanted to say I think you have one of the best description I have ever read.

I hope things pick up for you.

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You can view some images of the car taken this spring at Pics Page . I will add more current pictures when i have a few more moments of spare time. I have somewhere in the neighbor hood of 150 pictures of teh car, so I'll probably post around 30-40 of them.

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All I can say is you have one of the most nicest 68 coupes I have ever seen, and if I had not already gotten a mustang and invested all I have in it , I would defientely have bought yours.
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