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I bought a 67 fastback it has a 302 with 351 w heads and is cam'ed up out the butt. It has a dual line 600 holley carb which most of you know is rare. I am looking for a 390. Would like to have one that needs to be rebuilt because we are going to do it ourselves.. or a cheap one that is rebuilt. I have a c4 tranny with a shift kit that will have to go for obvious reasons. So I need a c6 as well. If anyone knows anything or has anything let me know. Thanks. I'm not sure on a price right now so we'll have to talk about it.

Chris Hendrix.

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I guess just cause some one else called it that. It's a 302 with 351 w heads. and a torker II intake. Someone told me that with the heads like that, that the person who put it together was trying to make a boss clone. So in short cause I heard it called that I guess.


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Hmmm just for clarification, a boss engine would have the 4 bolt mains, screw in studs, and cleveland style closed chamber 4V heads.

I have also heard of normal 2 bolt blocks being modded with cleveland heads (Clevors if you will) be built as clones....but

a 302 with 351w heads is just that....a good breathing 302.

as far as the 390, there is a guy here on vmf for sale section with a disassembled 390 for sale or trade.

good luck!!!
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