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I installed new EBAY side mirrors on my 68 coupe - found for a great price

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Hello all here's a video describing my install and review of some eBay side mirrors I purchased recently. I'm very pleased with the quality and the finish is great.

Also I describe how I dealt with the oversized holes that were made by me removing the original mirror. I'm not affiliated with the mirror vendor just wanted to pass along a link to them so you can take advantage of the price.

This is my new channel too so like and subscribe if you find it helpful and I'll be adding new content to benefit us all as I build the 68.

New 68 coupe side mirrors

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I forgot to mention that I used some rubber grommets from Scott drake to compensate for the enlarged holes the screws that would attach the mirror. Check out the video, I put a like to those in the description as well . they came in very handy! Plenty more videos to come
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